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Forget the glasses, just pop a straw into your favorite bottle of vino because tonight is the beginning of the epic two-episode midseason finale and it’s about to get all kids of crazy for one particular OPA team member. When we last saw Quinn Katie Lowes , our darling double agent, she walked into her apartment to find Huck Guillermo Diaz , a tarp and his trusty toolbox ready to ask her about her B And by ask , we mean torture the crap outta her! To get you pumped up for tonight’s sure-to-be mind-blowing episode of Scandal , we just got off the phone with Katie Lowes and she promised us that this is one hour of television that you most certainly cannot miss. From Quinn’s dabble in the dark side to the highly anticipated and extremely awkward! What can you tease about tonight’s all new episode “YOLO”?

Huck and Quinn

The specifics were kept closely guarded, but most viewers were sure about one thing: Shonda Rhimes and Co. They teased it as a role that was completely different than anything else Dunham has done, which made me sigh with relief. Maybe it’s because we’re both something writers living in overpriced cities, but I hate Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath with an irrational passion. I can’t even watch “Girls” for Jessa’s outlandish behavior or Shoshanna’s charm anymore and I routinely have to remind myself that Dunham is not, in fact, Hannah.

That being said

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Any dedicated gladiator remembers the time in Scandal history when Huck and Quinn were all over each other. They even had the fan-made couple name of Huckleberry Quinn. And after Thursday’s episode full of Quinn angrily trying to figure out what happened to her friend and ex-lover, fans are likely asking: does Quinn love Huck on Scandal?

Since they do have a past together and there were some clues Thursday night, it’s not totally out of the question to wonder if old feelings may have been stirred. As much as we all loved Huck and Quinn together back in the day except for that time he mercilessly tortured her , who hasn’t grown a soft spot for Charlie by now? He said it himself when giving Olivia a pep talk that he’s come a long way, and even though he was once a trained mercenary, he seems to have been housebroken enough to be a good thing for Quinn in the long run.

Unfortunately, it looks like Shonda Rhimes might have other plans for Quinn. And, by extension, Huck as well. When Huck woke up in the hospital on Thursday night, fans everywhere sighed with relief and Quinn cuddled up next to him, filled with her own kind of relief at seeing her friend and former mentor alive and well. Unfortunately, Charlie was close by to see her with him and anyone who is a fan of primetime dramas knows that the look on Charlie’s face meant this probably won’t end well for him.

Even before Meg turned out to be the worst girlfriend ever, Quinn was making snide comments about her pixie haircut and clearly feeling resentful toward her. But it wasn’t until Episode 9, when they were all faced with the very real possibility of losing Huck, that it seemed like Quinn’s true feelings for him started to come through. When she was torturing Meg just like Huck taught her, no doubt , Meg made the comment about Huck loving her and not Quinn.

Does Quinn Love Huck On ‘Scandal’? They Do Have A Romantic Past

As this week’s episode of Scandal reminds us, sometimes it takes a “A Few Good Women” to make things right, instead of turning a blind eye. VP Susan Ross is not afraid to make waves to make sure that justice is done right for military rape victim, while Quinn and Huck aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to find their answers about B And yes, the truth about Foxtail finally emerges — well, part of it.

But it’s a part that left fans stunned. Scandal pic.

QUINN. I can’t stay, is what I am saying. I don’t do blind dates. HARRISON HUCK. Not on the phone. Here. And you wanna talk to him. Olivia heads out.

No one ever accused Fitzgerald Grant of making good decisions, political or personal. Our newest episode of “Scandal” opens with Fitz Tony Goldwyn and Lillian Annabeth Gish making out in the back of the motorcade, as you do. Abby Darby Stanchfield decides that’s the perfect time to lecture POTUS on Secret Service protocols for his dates, which, of course, comes back to the extra protection no pun intended for Olivia Kerry Washington when she was still making late-night visits to the White House.

On a bench in a park in the middle of somewhere, Olivia and Eli Joe Morton are having a heart-to-heart about her ex-boyfriend’s ex-wife’s tell-all novel. As you do. He answers and sets a date for dinner and a movie. And then, we find out who Cyrus Jeff Perry went to see at the end of the last episode, his mystery man at the lectern. It’s not a new daddy for his missing baby; it’s Francisco Vargas Ricardo Chavira , Pennsylvania governor.

That’s not a bad platform: Vargas You haven’t heard about my baggage, and I probably haven’t smothered a Supreme Court justice with a pillow. There’s also a shirtless Tom Larsen Brian Letscher , for some reason. I’m not complaining, but it was odd. Then he puts on a suit and starts threatening people, a man named Wayne Braden Lynch in a diner. Papa Pope is back to book critic — add that line to the resume, along with murderer and museum curator — this time with dinner and wine.

‘Scandal’ recap 5×12: Fitz is dating, Cyrus is scheming, Olivia is spying

But with all their other problems, will they be able to work things out? Read through our recap to find out what happens. As part of their plan to control Mellie, Ruland and Peus announce that Jake needs to resign.

Quinn calls in a favor and Sue winds up on a date with Charlie (of B fame). Huck uses the time to break into her apartment and steal the.

Many of you may be familiar with it, and the rest of you should be. You might want to get a drink and some graph paper. This will be explained more later. They have fixed situations for closeted war heroes accused of murder; a D. President Fitz is married to Mellie, a smooth-talking mom type who eventually gets his nuts in a vise in an attempt to get a seat at the table. She faked a miscarriage to gain Fitz votes in Georgia, tried to start a war in East Sudan, and is, in general, an unhinged badass.

Fitz hates his conservative vice-president, Sally Langston, but needed her to win right-wing voters; he recruited her to his administration with the promise that she would have first shot at nominating a Supreme Court justice. They fight a lot and agree on nothing. Billy Chambers is the V. Fitz only nominated Thornton to the Court because she agreed to help rig everything, and V. Thornton also has cancer but is keeping it a secret from everyone except Olivia.

‘Scandal’ season 5 episode 14 recap: Is Jake’s relationship real?

In the previous episode, Huck was almost killed by the woman he dated briefly. Quinn, his former lover, was one of the first people who came to his rescue. Huck was ultimately saved, but he was first rushed to the hospital because of his injuries. Quinn also told her partner that she cannot survive without him. A few minutes later, Huck opened his eyes, and Quinn stayed beside him the whole time. She reminded him of the pact that they made together and said that they are meant to be together for the rest of their lives.

The Artifact: Virtually all of Olivia’s team besides Huck and later on Quinn is now Dating What Daddy Hates: Rowan really dislikes Olivia with Fitz, but not.

But last season, I mostly behaved the way I do when I’m having sex in a relationship long after the honeymoon phase has worn off:. Point is that season three was not the series’ best. It was too heavy on the cray-cray—Quinn riding Huck’s baloney pony even though, weeks earlier, he tortured her by removing a tooth from her mouth with a pair of pliers, Their teaser for season four seems to hint at Scandal getting back on track:.

Olivia has a new ‘do, and it looks like she’s finally on TeamBeByYourself. Although for all we know, Jake From State Farm is probably off to the side being desperate as hell, talking about how they should name their future kids Cocoa Butter and Sandalwood Incense. Before we find out what’s really going to down on that beach, I’m refreshing our memories with this handy GIFNotes guide which is the modern-day version of CliffNotes of the juiciest, craziest, and most thrilling moments of Scandie ‘s last season.

Let’s get to it, shall we? We open season three right after the reveal of two things: Rowan is Olivia’s dad and the world knows about the Olitz affair.

‘Scandal’ Season 6 Spoilers: Quinn, Huck To Become A Couple In The Finale?

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This is still a work in progress / Title: Sweet Baby / Quinn walks into a bar to meet On blind dates, I like to buy a woman dinner ’cause it makes her more likely to either sleep with me or give me a second date. Used to be CIA, right, Huck?

Vanessa seems like a great woman. She tells everyone about how she met Jake after he bumped into her and caused her to drop her phone. When she ran into him again, she figured it was fate. She kept her cracked phone as a sentimental reminder. Jake, NSA director , makes it known that he knows Olivia is spying on him one night when he looks directly into the camera and smirks.

Vanessa, he says, reads Vogue and takes multivitamins. Olivia plans to back off after this conversation, but something happens during a dinner meeting with Jake and Vanessa that changes her mind. Olivia remembers that she first met Jake when he bumped into her in a coffee shop, causing her to drop her phone. They ran into each other again soon after. Jake later confessed that both encounters were planned.

Noticing the similarities in how she and Vanessa met Jake, Olivia decides to resume spying on him.

‘Scandal’ recap, ‘It’s Good to be Kink’

Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Scandal is back. And by that I mean that my strange desire to never watch the show again has lifted.

Huck helps Quinn to be all set up for her “undercover” date with Gideon Wallace making sure everything she drinks is virgin and what Gideon drinks has extra.

This article is from the archive of our partner. Admittedly, we went into last night’s season premiere of Scandal with some trepidation. We’d been burned before, after a season of derailing into hyperbolic crazytown. Yesterday, we carefully and nervously laid out four hopes for the new season. Then Scandal delivered its biggest shock in ages: It delivered a subtle, lovely episode that answered all of our concerns. Kevin O’Keeffe: So Arit, we talked a bit yesterday after my piece ran about what happened to the show.

Huck and Quinn were making out in a parking garage. Olitz had descended to screaming about Vermont and jam. Mama and Papa Pope were killing it, but not in a good way. And then last night, out of nowhere, the show pulled it out. What made you happiest about the premiere?

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